Game Compliance


In the 1950s, Television Quiz Shows were extremely popular because of the big money that could be won. When it was revealed that the games themselves were manipulated by the producers to achieve specific outcomes that would satisfy the advertisers, there was outrage from the viewing public for having been deceived, thinking the games were legitimate as touted by the networks. The U.S. Congress declared that rigging or cheating on a game show was illegal and added penalties to anyone found guilty of doing so. Today, almost all game shows and some reality competition shows enlist the services of an independent Game Compliance Consultant. This is to ensure that a television game show or reality competition is played fairly, according to the rules, and in a manner described to the public. Broken Bottle Enterprises offers expert services in this area that include the following:

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  • Attend tapings for television game and reality competition shows.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with producers and distributors to certify that production’s standards and practices policies are being met.
  • Monitor shows for issues relating to standards and practices.
  • Brief participants on compliance to established rules and regulations for game play.
  • Work closely with production to resolve issues with participants and/or game play.
  • Ensure production company works within FCC regulations governing game shows.

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