Prize Merchandising for Production Companies

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If prizes for your show are what you need, you’ve come to the right place! With game show industry-experienced leadership, seasoned account executives and efficient staff, Broken Bottle Enterprises is here for you.Drawing on a broad range of industry experience and a wide array of advertising tools, Broken Bottle Enterprises is able to meet your requirements of prize merchandizing by providing excellent service with unparalleled quality. Whether you have a new show, a long-running show, or even a game show pilot, Broken Bottle Enterprises istheplace for your prizing needs. If your show needs one prize or a whole showcase of prizes, we have the resources and knowledge to provide everything you require so that you can focus on your game. We make sure to cover all of the necessary details to provide you with a seamless experience; from procuring great prizes and creating exciting promotions, to delivering valuable merchandise and memorable vacations to your winners. Check out some of the excellent services we provide:

  • Negotiate the very best barter arrangements available as requested by the producers.
  • Handle all contracting, notifying and ordering with prize suppliers.
  • Provide expert coordination of all creative elements for production of prize promotions.
  • Oversee award fulfillment including the coordination of delivery and travel arrangements.
  • Provide thorough accounting of promotional activity and fulfillment.
  • Knowledge from our thirty-five years of industry experience
  • Provide outstanding service and ultimate professionalism with production relations and winner services.
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