Standards & Practices

Standards and Practices(also referred to as "Broadcast Standards and Practices")is the name traditionally given to the department at a television networkwhich is responsible for the moral, ethical, and legal implications of the programs that the network airs. Standards and Practices also ensures fairness on televised game and reality competition shows, in which they are the adjunct to the judges at the production company level. Below is just an overview of the services we offer:

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  • Network liaison to production company for all original game and reality production.
  • Ensure that all content for specific original animated and live-action programming meets FCC regulations and KidVid rules from premises, outlines, and scripts to storyboards, designs, animatics, roughs and final masters.
  • Review all on-air promos and edit to align with network standards.
  • Evaluate all digital content for website and phone/tablet apps, and all social media posts.
  • Traffic and screen all broadcast acquisitions including series, specials and movies to ensure network standards are met.
  • Assign Parental Guideline ratings.
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