Television Development & Production Services


If you look at television entertainment today, you might see a seemingly endless fountain of content - some bad, some good and even some great.Television development has changed dramatically over the past ten years. The proliferation of cable outlets and the subsequent spreading and thinning out of audience shares are two of the main reasons. These phenomena have resulted in an ever-changing culture at both studios and networks when it comes to entertainment development. Add to this the mushrooming of content providers by way of the Internet, it can be overwhelming.

Broken Bottle Enterprises offers consulting in development and production services for networks, production companies and individuals who need assistance in developing and/or producing their own original, non-scripted entertainment programming concepts. We recognize that each person is unique in their talents and abilities. Our mission is to create an environment that will allow people to explore their true potential and desires through the creative process. At the same time, we like to bring different people together to help nurture the seeds of creativity and manifest works that will bring quality entertainment to the world community.

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